The Road 2

After a tiresome day, I was going back to my home riding my bike in solitude. It was a winter night, and the frigidity in the air was making me a little nervous. Winter chills are not just about the cold, but it also about hidden mysteries. I was unaware that one such mystery was […]

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The Road

I was on my way back home after a fun-filled evening with my friends. On the way to their PG room, they were driving and I was in the back seat. But now, it was my turn. And I was not aware of the route. My phone was dead, but that did not do any […]

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The Cab

The telephone rang after ages and its ring seemed extra loud, as if it was screaming for proving its existence. Riya got surprised on hearing that unfamiliar sound. The call was from her home, they were tired of trying to reach her on her ever-silent cellphone. It was half-past twelve, mid-night. By this time, the […]

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The Thing

The constant brushing of the curtains over her face was annoying her. The whisking of the wind from a tiny creak in the window was to be blamed; along with the poor locking system which let window to slide open with the inertia of bus movements. It was an overnight journey and she had to […]

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When the world was celebrating the festive season, I was slumped on my bed with my miserable self trying to get a good night sleep. I put on the head phones, although not noise reducing, but with the volume that I had in place, they were almost noise reducing. I don’t know when I fell […]

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